Amritsari Jeera Rice Papad

Amritsari Jeera Rice Papad


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Weight (each Quantity): 1 Kgs

Package Details: Each pack has 1 kg of Cumin Rice Crispies 

Ingredients: Salt, Rice, Cumin Seeds 

Flavor: Plain Salty 

Cooking Method: Roast or Fry 

Shelf Life: 4 -6 months 
Other Details: The famous Amritsari Cumin Seeds Rice Crispies (jeera papads) boast of an old world charm and have been brought to you from the Papad Bazaar of Amritsar. Carefully handmade with a recipe of over a 100 years, they have been prepared with the finest quality ingredients and stringent quality control. Papads are traditionally usually had as snacks or accompaniments to the mail meal. For best results store them in a cool dry space or in refrigerator for longer shelf life.